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Introducing the Blue Bear Bakery

Hello and welcome to the Blue Bear Bakery blog!

My name is Joanne and I've been baking for my friends and family since I was a teenager so when I said I wanted to start my own business it wasn't a huge surprise to any of them. I absolutely love seeing my ideas and designs and ideas for a bake come to life and spending time making things just perfect.

Cake decorating is a labour of love and, as anyone who has ever been up until 3am making sugar flowers will tell you, it takes many hours to see them come to life. I aim to share some of my cakes, bakes and recipes I make to these pages to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes of the Blue Bear Bakery.

I decided to call the company the Blue Bear Bakery after the beautiful little blue cottage we live in - Blue Bear Cottage. This name evokes so much happiness for me as I love our happy little home and we aim to evoke the same happiness for you with everything that we produce.

Thank you for visiting our site and please do subscribe to get all of the latest information, blog posts and news from us!

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